Webinar focus on F-Gas draft revision


17 January 2023
Adam Strachan of Star Refrigeration

Star Refrigeration’s technical sales specialist, Adam Strachan, will present a webinar hosted by the Cold Chain Federation (31st January) to discuss the European Commission’s draft revision to the F-Gas Regulation.

The webinar entitled ‘What does the proposed new F-Gas Regulation revision mean for operators of cooling equipment’ will examine the revised proposals drafted to meet 2050 climate change targets faster and decrease the release of greenhouse gases with high global warming potential into the environment.

Many synthetic fluorinated gases have a global warming impact that can be thousands of times more damaging than CO2 . In the webinar, which runs from 12.30-1.15pm, Strachan will look at how the proposed changes will affect businesses, highlighting possible acceleration of the 79% decrease in F-Gas usage that could be brought forward from 2030 to 2024. He will also advise on how the quota management and tax introduced by the new  revision will result in a reduction of refrigerant availability over time, while demand is expected to increase, subsequently driving up prices.

Attendees will also learn about alternative refrigerants, including ammonia and CO2-based technologies, as well as HFOs – the fourth generation of synthetic refrigerant gases.

Strachan said: “It is likely that the new measures proposed in the latest draft  F-Gas Regulation revision will come into force next year as international pressure to reduce F-Gas emissions mounts. However, continuous calls from the EU’s Environmental Committee for an outright ban and an even steeper phase down than the April 2022 proposal, suggest that the latest set of revisions may not be the last.

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“Businesses operating F-Gas refrigeration equipment must adapt in response to legislative changes and to do so effectively, they need to stay informed as to what’s coming. I will be examining this in the webinar and answering any questions that arise.”

The webinar, which is organised by the Cold Chain Federation – the trade body representing the UK temperature controlled storage and distribution industry – is set to offer attendees valuable information to address future challenges in light of forthcoming proposals to the new EU F-Gas phase down legislation.

Streaming live between 12.30-1.15pm, the free webinar is open to everyone. Register here. Those who register will also receive a copy of the recording for later viewing.