Waitrose trials Syberia TWINCOOL


11 September 2018
Supermarket chain Waitrose & Partners is conducting a low emissions trial of a Carrier Transicold engineless Syberia TWINCOOL multi-temperature refrigeration unit specified on a natural gas-powered truck.

Funded through Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation, Waitrose is working alongside researchers from the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight at the University of Cambridge as part of a year-long low emissions freight and logistics initiative aimed at showcasing how such a combination could dramatically cut fleet emissions.
Simon Gray, vehicle fleet engineering manager at Waitrose, said: “We have specified Carrier Transicold units for many years and they continually impress us with their performance. We wanted to put the engineless solution to the test and monitor performance across a full 12-month period. The results of the trial will likely guide our future fleet specification – hopefully allowing us to focus on continuing to improve the sustainability of our transport operations.”

The Syberia TWINCOOL runs entirely on hydro-electric power generated by the truck’s ultra-clean Euro 6 engine, cutting emissions by removing the diesel engine inside the refrigeration unit. The refrigeration unit is powered by Carrier Transicold’s ECO-DRIVE GenSet, driven by a hydro pump connected to the truck’s power take-off motor. The hydraulic system drives a generator that delivers electrical power to the host unit and is said to provide a continual, 100%  refrigeration capacity even at the truck’s standard idle speed.

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