Veotec tames Beast from the East


21 March 2018
Hampshire-based air intake specialist Veotec says equipment installed at Medway power station in Kent has proved its worth during the recent severe weather conditions.

The trace heated air intake system, set to automatic and requiring no maintenance, has prevented snow and ice build-up despite treacherous conditions at the plant.
The system was originally installed over four years ago when the Medway site was suffering from two distinct issues, both of which were causing loss of power from the gas turbine as well as the requirement for increased compressor washes to maintain optimum performance. The first problem was moisture-laden corrosive air coming from the sea and the second was freezing fog, which caused a steep rise in pressure drop across the existing filter system and moisture carry over into the system.

Veotec designed and manufactured a new two-stage filter protection system. The main purpose to protect the final H10 filters from moisture carry over. The second aim was to protect the turbine and compressor from the salt-laden air.

The new system comprises a trace heated marine vane separator with a G4 panel filter. 

In its first year of operation on the first turbine Veotec reports a significant advantage in power loss and the decision was taken to install the system on the second turbine.
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