Upgrades to Lossnay commercial ventilation


01 June 2023

Mitsubishi Electric has upgraded its Lossnay ventilation range to provide clean and healthy air for commercial settings.

The new LGH-RVX3-E mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) system is said to be designed specifically for the UK’s commercial buildings. The units extract stale indoor and replace it with fresh filtered air from outside. With heat recovery, the system also minimises the amount of energy lost by recovering the heat from the extracted air and transferring it to the supply of fresh air.  

Hern Yau, ventilation product manager at Mitsubishi Electric, said: “The RVX3 Lossnay system is the next iteration of our tried and trusted ventilation range. Maintaining good indoor air quality is imperative for commercial buildings, and the new units will enable every space to benefit. It can also work in conjunction with our Mr Slim and City Multi air conditioning systems to deliver fresh, energy efficient comfort.”

Mitsubishi Electric says the new system features a host of improvements to improve performance, efficiency and versatility – all while reducing running costs. The units can now be installed vertically for the first time, to allow for use in more spaces and make quality ventilation accessible to a wider range of buildings. 

Enhanced controls, with five different levels, allow for optimal efficiency, and fan speeds can also be adjusted in 5% increments to use less energy where possible and comply with Part L. The system is also designed to operate at ultra-low noise levels, to provide a comfortable environment for every building occupant, from office workers to hotel guests.

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A built-in automatic summer bypass also allows the RVX3 units to bring in fresh air from outside without recovering heat during hot weather, in order to reduce the risk of offices, gyms or other commercial spaces overheating. With 100% airflow still operating during bypass mode, the same volume of air is brought in – while staying cool. 

The addition of optional CO₂ sensors from Mitsubishi Electric also allows for automatic incremental fan control, and the sensors can optimise efficiency by managing the RVX3 system to react to the air quality. The sensors are directly powered by the RVX3 unit, so no additional power supply is required. 

The new system also offers patented fan coating for improved air quality, longer life and easier maintenance, and comes in a range offering air volumes from 150 m3/ h  to 2,000  m3/ h  to meet the need of every project specification. 

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