Unfreeze those CPD points


29 September 2020

The value of Continual Professional Development has, arguably, never been more relevant than today. For as the UK gradually gets back to work it will be those most up to date with the latest working methods and technologies who will be best placed to take advantage. Here, Dave Dickson, Group Specification Manager for Conex Bänninger, discusses the benefits of CPD, along with a reminder it can include remote ‘lunch and learns’ as well as attendance at technical webinars.

There are very good reasons why ACR professionals should take part in Continual Professional Development, or CPD as it is more commonly known.

Structured learning aids companies in building an expert workforce and individuals are helped to be better engineers and installers, progressing their careers.

It will be the best trained, most expert professionals, and the firms who contract them, who will be most in demand as Britain gets building again and the recovery takes proper shape. So now is a good time to work for those precious CPD points rather than allow them to drift away.

Formalised HVAC-R education and training is available as promoted by organisations such as the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) and RIBA (the Royal Institute of British Architects).

Numerous air conditioning and refrigeration courses are also ratified by the CPD Certification Service, with training provided by accredited manufacturers and specialist trainers.

Those less familiar with the requirements of CPD sometimes believe that the credits required to meet learning targets can only be achieved by participating exclusively in formal training, whether that be face-to-face or online. But that is a misconception.
Accredited activity will always form a significant proportion but the definition of what constitutes Continual Professional Development covers a much broader spectrum.

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Virtual opportunities
The more informal activities such attending industry related events and exhibitions can still have an important educational role, and will ‘score’ towards CPD targets.
While the pandemic has seen the postponement of many exhibitions, organisers have turned to digital technology to replace them with virtual events. This opens up new opportunities.

With Chillventa 2020 in Germany now transformed into Chillventa e-Special, delegates from anywhere will be able to ‘attend’ online. As a gold sponsor, Conex Bänninger will be running webinars every day (13-15 October) in English, German and Italian, on our >B< MaxiPro ACR fittings range, with opportunities to ask questions live.

This type of activity can help towards CPD objectives, as will private study, reading industry related publications and online research, all of which is self-regulated.
CIBSE is, of course, the body that is recognised as setting standards for building services engineering, providing best practice advice to the industry. It runs specific HVAC CPD courses tailored towards MEP consultants, design engineers and contractors.

These range from a three-day introduction to Mechanical Services to shorter, around half-a-day and one day sessions on topics from Practical Controls for HVAC systems to Air Conditioning and Cooling systems.

Course provider
As a leading European manufacturer of plumbing fittings and accessories, we offer a range of education and training to installers and to contractors.
Currently the majority of our education and training is online, which makes it easily accessible.

Our e-learning course is available to air conditioning and refrigeration engineers who wish to find out about our >B< MaxiPro press fittings that are designed for the higher pressures within ACR applications.

Candidates who successfully complete the three modules qualify as a Conex Bänninger approved ACR installer and can download an e-certificate as proof.
Studying >B< MaxiPro will qualify the participant for CPD hours as they represent industry related research and upgrading of your skillset.