Have your say on the cold chain industry


18 May 2023

Industry professionals are being urged to have their say as part of the 2023 state of the cold chain market report. 

Last year the Cold Chain Federation published the first Cold Chain Report, which brought together information on topics including cold stores, temperature-controlled vehicles and the environment and market it operates in.

For 2023, the federation is undertaking a census to gather opinions from professionals across the cold chain on topics such as resilience and sustainability as well as the opportunities and challenges for businesses in the temperature-controlled logistics sector. This will form a new state of the cold chain market report to be released this summer.

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The anonymous survey has been designed to be accessible to anyone in the industry, and the federation wants to hear from any individuals working within cold storage, temperature-controlled distribution, suppliers of cold chain products and services or those in any other another relevant capacity.

The survey is available here. For any questions, please contact CCF Executive Director Tom Southall.