Trane upgrades Flex20 range


19 April 2021

Trane has announced the latest upgrades in its Flex2O range of scroll water-cooled chillers and water source heat pumps.

The Flex2O units, designed to provide year-round comfort and process cooling and/or heating efficiency within a small footprint, are now available in up to 700kW of capacity from a single unit and feature the new Trane Symbio 800 controller for building automation and connectivity.

The compact, modular design of the Flex2O offers scalability and flexibility of configuration allowing to combine up to six units to meet the building’s capacity and performance requirements. With the increased capacity by the single Flex2O unit, building owners and facility managers can adapt their system’s capacity to the changing heating and cooling demand throughout the lifespan of the building. 

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The Symbio 800 connected controller is designed to give business owners and servicers the remote performance monitoring and tracking to manage cooling and heating processes. 

Louis Rompré, portfolio manager at Trane Europe, said: "We are continuously looking at ways to enhance our systems so our customers can easier fulfil their comfort and process cooling and heating needs. The upgrade of our Flex2O portfolio is just another step on our journey towards continuous innovation. Within our robust screw, scroll and maglev portfolios, we give our customers the flexibility to choose the right technology and solution for any of their applications – and the opportunity make their buildings perform better and be more climate friendly.''

The Trane Flex20 water-to-water heat pump units meet the highest Ecodesign efficiency class A+++ and address the environmental and sustainability efforts in urban areas offering an efficient alternative for traditional gas or oil fuelled boilers and compatibility with geothermal applications. Combining performance with small footprint, the compact Flex2O are particularly suitable for new and replacement projects in all commercial and industrial applications in city centres and buildings with limited space and access.