Training the next generation of energy managers


08 September 2021

National training provider Group Horizon believes the impact of lockdown plus the increasing need for energy efficiency in buildings can inspire a new generation of energy managers.

Peter Behan, director at Group Horizon, said: “There is a major shortage of trained energy managers and we want to help fill the void. The Junior Energy Management apprenticeship programme really is open to anybody and an energy manager could come from any previous background, whether you have worked in banking, manufacturing or construction or something else entirely. It will also provide the apprentice with a new set of skills and invaluable knowledge that could potentially open a lot of doors for them later in their career.”

With many commercial buildings left virtually empty during lockdown, many businesses have had to reassess their approach to how they manage their premises. As more businesses come to realise that running their building at 100% capacity is neither cost nor energy efficient when it is only partially occupied, there is a growing demand for the deployment of in-house energy managers. 

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Liam Doughty, from Gateshead, previously worked in facilities management before starting a new role as an energy technician within Gateshead Council. He did not have any previous background within the energy industry, so he took up the Junior Energy Management apprenticeship opportunity with Group Horizon. He said: “The qualification has provided me with a massive opportunity allowing me to not only progress with my knowledge and skills in the energy industry but help me move forward in my career.

“The training has provided me with a foundation to start within the energy industry, allowing me to then further my education in this field. My goal is to complete the Junior Energy Manager apprenticeship with sight to go on to a higher-level education within this field.”

Group Horizon