Toshiba to sell its first R32 systems in UK


31 January 2018
air conditioning r32 refrigerant
Toshiba's Super Digital Inverter split systems have been optimised for A2L refrigerants
Toshiba is expected to introduce its first R32 systems to the UK market by the end of March.

Its Super Digital Inverter splits have been re-engineered and optimised for use with A2L refrigerants, including R32, which will be the base charge.
The technology used means the systems can deliver a SEER value of up to 9.4 when combined with Toshiba’s new smart cassette.
Toshiba has previously chosen not to join the growing industry move towards R32 but feedback from specifiers and major end users suggested that Corporate Social Responsibility requirements had seen them being led towards R32.
Some contractors, however, have told the company they still have reservations about R32 due to mild flammability issues and view it as a stop-gap solution. By re-engineering the SDI units, Toshiba will give customers the flexibility of the option to switch to other A2L solutions in the future.
Toshiba will also offer its Digital Inverter splits with R32 from mid-March, while the DI and SDI ranges will still be available with R410A.
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