Toshiba reports online training boom


22 February 2022

Toshiba reports a significant increase in online air conditioning training during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, as installers and maintenance staff took the opportunity to improve their skills.

Since TCUK launched its award-winning online training academy in 2018, more than 3,500 engineers have registered, with the number of completed courses tripling during the height of the COVID-19 restrictions. To date, more than 5,000 training modules have been completed.

The platform uses videos, pictures and easy-to-understand information that users can study and return to at any time. To ensure users have absorbed key principles and knowledge, courses conclude with an assessment quiz. If answered successfully, users can print a certificate of completion.

"The surge in online training during the pandemic took even us by surprise," said Cameron Beech, TCUK technical support engineer, who heads up the training portal. "People made positive use of the time in lockdown to develop their skills and acquire new ones. As restrictions are being lifted, our installers are better trained and prepared than ever to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead."

Out of the 107 online training modules available, the most popular is Toshiba's Warranty Qualification course. Those successfully completing this base course qualify for different levels of warranty cover on Toshiba installations, depending on the additional warranty courses they take and pass, providing a competitive edge in the market.

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Installers registering online have their own training account that records courses completed with a unique identification number that is also used for equipment commissioning records. This provides automatic validation for warranty cover for equipment installed by each user in accordance with Toshiba’s terms and conditions.

The latest course added covers Toshiba's Estia R32 air-source heat pump range, a technology in the spotlight due to the UK’s net zero carbon targets. The range is manufactured at Toshiba's new factory in Poland, providing a local source for the products and enabling European requirements to be precisely met.

TCUK is currently finalising plans for a new warranty qualification course for Toshiba's new variable refrigerant flow range, SMMS-u. New training modules are added and updated on a regular basis.

 With the easing of restrictions, in-person classroom training is due to restart soon. A full schedule of courses will be available at Leatherhead in the South East, Plymouth in the West, Stockport in the North and at distributor offices around the UK.

In addition to product courses, users can take Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training modules to enhance their wider knowledge of industry issues and current legislation. Seven CPDs are currently available, covering key topics such as indoor air quality and healthy buildings, F-Gas legislation, refrigerants, Ecodesign, chiller technology and airside application and design.