Toshiba integrates commissioning, warranty and training tools


13 December 2022

Toshiba Air Conditioning is transforming its approach to equipment commissioning, warranty registration and installer training to provide a simple and quick online system which it says has major benefits for contractors and end-users. 

The online commissioning and warranty tools are now fully integrated, with Toshiba’s web-based training portal feeding into the same system and keeping all relevant information updated. 

“We wanted to keep things as simple as possible and bring everything together, because training, warranties and commissioning are so closely linked,’’ said Cameron Beech, DX & VRF product manager, TCUK. “We have created a logical, paper-free environment which is more environmentally responsible and accessible.’’

The automated system works for both direct and distribution customers, while end users can see all their equipment across multiple sites, together with maintenance records and warranty claims.

Each customer has a single login to the commissioning and warranty tool, with engineers linked to the account. Training data is automatically generated by the training portal, showing qualifications gained and expiry dates for each engineer. The dashboard shows pending and open warranty claims, the number of trained engineers and a list of sites. 

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From here, the customer can add end user details, site information and see eligible warranty levels before selecting the equipment. Once all items are chosen from the drop-down menus, a final page shows the complete equipment list for a project, together with downloadable warranty certificates to send to the end user. To date, customer response has been positive with more than 3,000 commissionings and 100 warranty claims logged through the portal. 

Toshiba says it is committed to improving industry standards and bases its warranty scheme on installer competence, experience and knowledge, rather than ability to spend. The T5 Standard five-year warranty is available to F-Gas registered engineers, the T7 Approved warranty requires successful completion of three mandatory Toshiba Air Conditioning training qualifications, and the T7 Enhanced warranty is open only to businesses that are part of the REFCOM Elite scheme, which requires advanced quality assurance procedures.

For all three levels, the online warranty tool enables customers to easily add claims, with email confirmation sent once each claim has been dealt with by the warranty administrator. Approved claims are credited at the end of the month they are completed. 

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