Toshiba Carrier will walk 50,000 miles for St Luke's Hospice


08 April 2021

The team at Toshiba Carrier UK and its UK sister companies have set a target of running and walking a combined total of 50,000 miles during April, more than twice around the world, as part of a team-building and fitness challenge for charity.

Carrier is contributing £750.00 to the chosen charity, St Luke’s Hospice in Cheshire, to kick-start the initiative, with additional funds raised by colleagues. St Luke’s provides palliative care and supports patients’ families in ways that go beyond the NHS's scope and funding. Last year it helped more than 1,000 people, ranging from providing end-of-life care to supporting carers and helping people return to work after illness.

“We are used to stretching targets at TCUK, but this one may require a little more stretching than usual – depending on your fitness level!” said David Dunn, managing director, TCUK. “St Luke’s does wonderful work. The aim is to help them refurbish the reception facility, so people can spend time with their families during visits when lock-down is lifted.


“One of the few activities most of us have been able to enjoy over the past year has been getting outside for a walk or a run. Whether it is just ten minutes during the lunch break or a few hours on the weekend, a daily dose of movement has huge benefits for our general wellbeing. It will be good to join together as a team to aim for the goal and will be a win-win for all concerned.”

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Achieving the 50,000-mile target will require everyone in the business to run or walk an average of 3.5 miles each day during the month, assuming 100% take-up. If participation is less, the average mileage target will rise accordingly. Those taking part will use the Strava fitness app to keep a tally of the combined distance run and walked.

“My own plan is to go out early morning to help energise for the day, and also go for a run in the evening to wind down from the working day. The more of us take part, the fewer miles each of us will need to contribute. We will be truly working together to support each other as a team,” said Dunn.


To support the initiative, visit here