Top chefs mark World Refrigeration Day


28 June 2022

To celebrate World Refrigeration Day, leading chefs launched a campaign to underline how cooling enables nutritional diets, helps reduce the number of undernourished, and can lower greenhouse gas emissions.

The chefs are part of the Chefs4thePlanet network, which is joining with United Nations Environment Programme OzonAction and Global Food Cold Chain Council in the Cooling Keeps Food Fresh campaign. It aims to raise awareness of cooling technologies that reduce food loss and promote climate security. Twenty-two associations in the cooling industry and four intergovernmental agencies support the campaign .

Drawing on scientific studies, the campaign describes how cooling keeps food safe, promotes nutritious diets by prolonging shelf-life, helps feed the undernourished, and can help protect the environment.

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Food production accounts for 26% of total greenhouse gas emissions with 24% of that emitted from uneaten food. Besides the beneficial environmental impact of expanding the cold chain, nutritionists expect that 950 million people could be fed from food loss due to lack of refrigeration. In 2018, there were an estimated 821 million undernourished people in the world, with world population expected to grow by 2 billion in 2050.