Tools Talk : working with A2L refrigerants


12 August 2021
XTR ULTRA A2L refrigerant recovery unit from JAVAC

A2L refrigerants continue to be on the rise in the HVAC industry in an effort to reduce CO2 emissions by 2030. Scott Davies, sales director for JAVAC Tools and Advanced Chemicals, UK & Ireland, tells us more about the new products coming to the market from the Aspen Pumps Group, that are suitable for A2L refrigerants.

Firstly, looking at the new and improved XTR ULTRA A2L refrigerant recovery unit from JAVAC (an Aspen Pumps Group brand). This unit is the next generation of its kind and is A2L-compliant. It is the perfect tool for engineers and safe to be used with all common refrigerants. It has an ultra-light weight of only 8.4kg making it much easier to transport and combined with a fast liquid recovery rate of 120kg/hr, it’s the perfect solution to get jobs completed in no time. XTR ULTRA A2L is the latest update to the best-selling XTR-Ultra recovery unit. 

CC Series A2L vacuum pump

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The next product range upgrade that has come to the market this year is the CC Series A2L vacuum pumps. This range of pumps has everything you need in a vacuum pump to handle today’s mildly flammable refrigerants efficiently and safely. With its spark-proof and dual voltage features, it is a great tool for many situations. The vacuum pump comes with a solenoid valve, so in the event of a power loss you can be reassured that your vacuum job will be protected, saving you hours of work in the event of having to restart. 

Both product ranges have been developed and engineered with the user in mind and to make the job easier, they join the high-performance range of A2L ready products JAVAC have to offer. 

Tools Talk is sponsored by Aspen Pumps Group.