Tools Talk: total peace of mind


18 June 2019
Scott Davies, UK sales director for JAVAC UK, tells us why the dual voltage XTR-Pro-DV A2L refrigerant recovery unit is leading the market in 2019. 

As the ACR industry witnesses the escalating growth of changeovers to A2L refrigerant, JAVAC understands the importance of having tools designed specifically to deal with these mildly flammable gases. Leading the market in safety, performance and convenience, the JAVAC XTR-Pro-DV A2L spark-proof and dual voltage refrigerant recovery unit is the only recovery unit that is dual voltage, covers all common refrigerants and is R32-ready. A must-have for any HVAC/R engineer’s van, the multi-purpose unit is suitable for recovering a range of CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs and A2L/R32/R1234F with blends of A & B variations of most of these gases, offering great on-site flexibility. 
Weighing in at only 12kg, the XTR-Pro-DV A2L is one of the lightest refrigerant recovery units in its category. The ergonomic design makes it easy to pick up and carry, allowing engineers to easily transport the unit without scratching their legs, damaging clothing or straining themselves. Boasting a raft of safety features, the XTR-Pro-DV A2L is designed specifically to deal with the increased risk of using mildly flammable refrigerants, such as R32, and significantly reduces the risks from sparks. The XTR-Pro-DV A2L is the perfect recovery unit for the job thanks to its integrated spark-proof power switch, lead and circuit breaker. Other additional safety features include the unit remaining cool to the touch, as well as the refrigerant connections pointing down away from the engineer’s eyes and all safety switches and connection points being conveniently on one side of the unit. 

Dual voltage
The fact that the UK operates both single phase and three-phase electrical supplies with different voltages can prove tricky for engineers when it comes to recovering refrigerants since it means having two different units, one suitable for each voltage. To overcome this, the innovative JAVAC XTR-Pro-DV A2L has a simple switch which allows engineers to change the unit to suit the voltage, it can easily be switched from 115V to 230V as required. This is very convenient on site since it means engineers don’t have to carry two recovery units in their vans. 

This high performance, innovative refrigerant recovery unit is designed with ground-breaking X-Connect technology which protects the XTR-Pro-DV A2L’s vital components against the damaging effects of incorrect voltage, another industry first. There is also an integrated circuit breaker providing additional protection. Designed specifically for systems where A2L/R32 gases are in use, the XTR-Pro-DV A2L’s spark proof design features a 5m hard-wired cable - critical when dealing with new mildly flammable A2L refrigerants. The dual voltage switch, X-Connect technology and integrated circuit breaker all improve safety and protect the unit from damage.

With years of engineering and servicing experience JAVAC are the go-to experts for installers who need advice, guidance and recommendations for products that are A2L ready. With a multitude of A2L-ready features and quality as standard, JAVAC’s XTR-Pro-DV A2L is set to help AC engineers comply with F-Gas regulations. Designed specifically to make the engineer’s job easier, the unit is simple to transport and use, while offering JAVAC’s market-leading performance. With R32 now growing in uptake, engineers need to be confident in using it and the XTR-PRO-DV A2L offers complete peace of mind.
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