Tools Talk: the tool bag that can't be beaten


05 January 2023

For an HVAC/R engineer, the tool bag is as important as the tools it carries. It should be as tough and durable as Tyson Fury’s punchbag and have the capacity to carry all the tools needed for the job.

But what if there’s a tool bag that provides the benefits of instant visual inventory, so you know the tools that need to be on board are on board, has pouches that hold every conceivable tool, a hinged ergonomic handle for ease of transport and a stealth blackout design which keeps it looking good irrespective of the conditions it’s subjected to?

There’s only one product in the world that fits this particular bill and it’s the Veto Pro Pac Blackout tool bag. There are six styles in the range: a small and large backpack, tool pouch, meter bag and two large bags with interchangeable panels and they’re all available from JAVAC, part of the Aspen Pumps Group.

These tool bags have been thoughtfully designed and manufactured around the HVAC/R engineer. First, they’re built to last. The base is made of 3mm thick polypropylene, which means it’s not only waterproof but can take a beating too; similarly, the interior pockets are made from PVC-impregnated 1,800 denier nylon and will withstand the harshest of conditions and the sharpest of tools. 

Second, comfort is designed in. The Veto Pro Pac Blackout tool bag is classed as a soft bag, but it won’t lose its shape like canvas or synthetic alternatives because of its patented central panel that runs from top to bottom; this also balances the load, something your back will appreciate. And the hinged handle, with its comfortable rubber grip, creates a sturdy connection with the rest of the tool bag, making the trip from van to site and back again a comfortable one. 

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And, finally, these bags make it hard to be disorganised because you have instant access. There’s a place for everything thanks to multiple rows of tiered pockets, so you avoid the time-wasting frustration of searching for a tool, lower the risk of losing or misplacing any and you make fewer trips to the van to collect something that should have been on board in the first place. There are also multiple D-rings inside and out for additional storage. 

Everything that Aspen Pumps Group designs, manufactures and markets must pass one vital test – will it make the engineer’s life easier? The range of Veto Pro Pac Blackout tool bags, for which Aspen Pumps Group has the European licence, ticks that box and then some because this is no ordinary tool bag, this is the best of the best, the undisputed champion of the world. And, in case you were in any doubt, this is a premium product, but what’s the point of buying cheap and paying twice?

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