Tools Talk: New and improved service manifolds


23 November 2017
Introducing the updated Javac service manifolds… redesigned to meet the ever-changing needs of engineers and the industry.

The rising price of R410A, coupled with the growing influence of F-Gas regulation, now mean a large number of jobs are switching to the lower GWP-rated R32. Therefore, Javac has developed and redesigned its R410A manifolds to be dual scale and include both R410A and R32. This adds to the versatility of the Javac manifold series, allowing the installer to tackle both older R410A reclaims and new R32 charging. The Javac manifolds are available in 2-valve or 4-valve models.
In addition to the gauges, new ¼ turn valves have been installed in the manifold. These new valves feature a larger bore which offer an increased in flow of refrigerant, allowing the engineer to get the job done quickly and efficiently.  The new valves not only allow for a speedier operation but also a more controlled one. The valves are easier to adjust by small proportions, making it easy for the engineer to get the correct pressure.

The forged aluminium body is durable, robust and lightweight in order to meet the toughest HVAC environments. A wide sight glass allows for visual checks on the refrigerant and long life rubber seals means the manifold is built to last.

The Javac service manifolds also feature large 80mm gauge heads for easy and accurate reading. The gauge heads also come with rubber protection surrounding them, to help prevent damage.  A sturdy carry case with laser-cut foam protects the manifold during transportation.

Overall, the Javac service manifolds are a vital component in any engineer’s arsenal. They raise the bar in manifold technology with their ergonomic features, usability, accuracy and versatility. 

For more details contact the Javac sales team:
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01642 232880
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