Tools Talk: hunting refrigerant leaks


30 April 2021

HVAC and supermarket refrigeration engineers can often spend days, if not weeks, looking for a refrigerant leak on a supermarket floor or in a plantroom. Given the number of evaporators, valves and pipes that run on a VRV system or a LT system, it’s not only costly on time, but also refrigerant loss.

Hunting for the leak, evaporator by evaporator, valve by valve is no longer required with the D-TEK Stratus from JAVAC. With a cloud hunting feature the location of the leak can be identified very quickly. 

D-TEK Stratus combines the excellent leak detection of D-TEK Select and the cloud hunting capability of a large portable monitor, all in one hand-held unit. Quickly locate the area containing the leak using the large, easy-to-read LCD display and then pinpoint the leak with one instrument! D-TEK Stratus is the next big thing in refrigerant leak detection.

In cloud hunting mode the Stratus LCD screen will read out in PPM (parts per million) which will escalate when a cloud of refrigerant is in a certain area. This is when the Stratus can be switched to ‘Pinpoint’ mode which will allow the engineer to focus in on the direct source of the leak.

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Compatible refrigerants: R22, R32, R134a, R404a, R407c, R410a, R422b, R448a, R449a, R452a, R452b, R507, plus many more. Along with the refrigerant sensor which comes as standard, a secondary sensor for CO2 can also be purchased which slides into the Stratus as a replacement for the refrigerant sensor. The Stratus has a minimum sensitivity of 1 g/a as per EN14624 and a new Lithium-ion battery which can be charged whist in use via Micro USB charger and an extended run time of 10 hours from a full charge.


  • Automatic and manual zero modes
  • Rugged carrying case included
  • Detects all CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs, and HFOs and blends (including A2Ls)
  • The sensitivity of 1 g/a, which does not degrade over time.
  • Innovative cloud hunting mode with ppm readout helps locate leaks faster than ever
  • Cloud hunter and pinpoint modes are like having two leak detectors in one
  • All-new redesigned infrared sensor (Longest infrared sensor life in the industry)
  • New lithium-ion battery with USB power option
  • Designed for ergonomic comfort

The D-Tek Stratus is already in use by many of the leading HVAC and supermarket FM companies in the UK and USA, with excellent feedback for finding leaks in a significantly shorter space of time.


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