Titan's HDB now in stainless


30 August 2017
Titan Engineering has launched a Witt stainless steel oil drain vessel, the HDB3, which can also be used as an oil distribution vessel.

This type of equipment is usually produced from carbon steel but Titan says that despite the improved quality of stainless over carbon there is very little price difference and the reason for this is that in modern systems  as well as an oil connection vessel it can alternate the process and collect oil.
Another advantage claimed for the HDB is that it does not require maintenance or insulation. It is normally sufficient to use ambient heat to evaporate any liquid refrigerant that accumulates but an electrical heater element can be fitted to the thermowell if necessary.

Additionally all required nozzles are incorporated into the HDB3 – connections are provided for min/max level control and with the optional oil sensor a demand-actuator can be activated. It can be installed suspended from above or supported from below by means of threaded mounting pads top and bottom, using standard mounting brackets. The settlement of any dirt or sludge has been taken into account and its subsequent carry-over is mitigated by the design. Total volume is 39 litres and useable volume 30 litres.

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