Tesco Golf Day Raising Money Again


17 December 2015
​John Hughes, the energy behind the annual Tesco Golf Day at Greetham Valley in Rutland, once again made the event happen on 22nd October. 

Thirty-six suppliers to Tesco's engineering team met in the beautifully sunny golf club to see the extremes of golfing talent battle it out for the honour of either being the best or worst golfer. 
​Teams from VES, Indigo, Fen-Bay, EMI, Ideal Boilers, Combined Services, IntoHeat, ACR Journal, Carver Group, Birchall, EIC, Berrys and Neville Tucker set off into the countryside. Some golfers saw more of the local flora and fauna than other others and chalked up plenty of extra mileage in their search for the 'ball that was caught by the wind'. 

Thankfully, the golf buggies were fully charged before the teams set off. They needed all the 'juice' available. The buggies were also surprisingly useful for protecting players from stray balls too. 
ACR Journal's James knight and Will Hawkins with Tesco's Tony Atkin
L to R: ACR Journal's James knight and Will Hawkins with Tesco's Tony Atkin
Shane Head from IntoHeat got the raffle going which raised £827 at dinner. With money from the Tesco Golf Day in 2014, John Hughes donated £900 to Diabetes UK. 

John Hughes (now with EIC) is planning to run the golf day again in 2016. Keep track of the ACR Journal for details if you would like to be involved. 
On one occasion, having been told to 'get back' and away from the intended trajectory by Tesco's Tony Atkin, the ACR Journal's James Knight misinterpreted by just how much he needed to get back. Soon, he had Tony's golf ball bouncing around within the buggy as if it were an anti-tank round rattling around the inside of a tank seeking targets. Fortunately, James only suffered a mild dose of shock and a grazed elbow. He did produce some fairly agricultural language in the aftermath of the 'Get Back-Gate' incident.  Tony Atkin and Will Hawkins were concerned with James' plight for about 3 milliseconds before roaring with laughter. 
Birchall winners Tesco Golf day
Birchall's team won the Tesco Golf Day in 2015
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