Tesco achieve 10% energy saving with the help of Star Refrigeration


08 April 2024

Star Refrigeration has installed its strategic insights monitoring system, Ethos, on eight Tesco sites, saving 4GWh on energy costs and over 835 tonnes of CO2e across its refrigerated distribution network.

Ethos is a data-led performance optimisation and smart monitoring service for industrial refrigeration and heating equipment. It addresses energy performance gaps and improves plant longevity and reliability. It can also predict issues in refrigeration equipment before they threaten operations, enabling preventative actions.

Initially installed at three sites before being rolled out to five additional locations across the country, Ethos data monitoring enabled the Tesco maintenance team, StarCare, to make several changes – often with no additional spending to find the optimal balance between operational efficiency and energy consumption. Improvements included changing set points, purging air from condensers and making repairs. As part of pre-planned capital expenditure initiatives, ageing condensers were also replaced. These measures resulted in significant improvements in energy optimisation while maintaining product integrity and quality. 

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Dr Rob Lamb, group sales and marketing director at Star Refrigeration, said, “We’re delighted to have partnered with Tesco on this journey and proud of the results that we have achieved. Thanks to Ethos, Tesco has been able to make notable energy savings, further optimising its energy use and lowering carbon emissions while ensuring cost-effective refrigeration across its distribution network in what has been a relatively short period.”

Rob Redfern, Tesco group energy manager (Renewables & LZC), said, “As the UK’s largest retailer, Tesco is committed to operating responsibly and sustainably. Reducing our energy consumption and CO2 emissions across our distribution network is just one way we’re taking action. The insights that Ethos and the Star Refrigeration team have delivered have been invaluable and allowed us to make targeted changes at each of the eight distribution sites in a strategic manner, often with no additional spend required. We’re very proud to say that we have reduced energy consumption by an average of 10% across those distribution sites in the short period between January 2022 and September 2023, achieving a return on investment in under three months.”

To read the full case study on the Star Refrigeration and Tesco project and find out how Ethos achieved the savings, visit