Take control to beat the heat


26 July 2018
The Building Controls Industry Association (BCIA) is urging the industry to ensure that they are fully clued up on the best ways to tackle growing demands in commercial buildings during the summer heatwave.

Research by Harvard University found that those working in hotter buildings performed worse in problem solving and memory tests compared to those with air conditioning, whilst buildings which feature innovative and effective building controls help to improve productivity by providing a healthy working environment.

Many smart and sophisticated building controls allow building occupants to manage their own personal preferences for their workspace in regard to ventilation, cooling and lighting. However, opportunities are still being missed to take full advantage of the latest solutions in today’s buildings. Therefore, the BCIA is urging both those new and experienced in the industry to invest in training.
The BCIA has recently updated its suite of seven CPD-accredited training courses. Each module has a core focus; for example, BCM01 includes an introduction to ventilation and air-conditioning, while BCM05 covers in more advanced detail the structure and modes of operation of the most common control functions used in ventilation and air conditioning plants.
All courses are available to book throughout the year at various UK locations and feature the latest technical developments in the industry.
To book a place or for further information, contact Hayley Hopkins: [email protected]
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