Sustainable guidance from Chemours


08 July 2019
Chemours has developed three new white papers to support the HVAC industry in the transition towards more sustainable refrigerant solutions.

The papers provide insights on the new A2L HFO refrigerant technologies, give practical advice on their safe use in industrial and commercial refrigeration, as well as in AC/HP and chiller systems, and are intended to support customers and end users in the conversion process.
What are A2L refrigerants & why do we need them?
Information on the new regulatory requirements and advantages of A2L refrigerants when considering factors such as reliability, safety, sustainability, performance, efficiency, and total cost of ownership.

Safety considerations and charge size guidance when using low GWP A2L HFO blends
Information and guidance on how to safely use mildly flammable HFO-based refrigerants without sacrificing performance. 

Practical implementation of low GWP A2L HFO blends in commercial refrigeration
Information on how A2L refrigerants can help retailers improve energy efficiency while meeting the challenges of environmental regulations.
Diego Boeri, vice president of Chemours Fluorochemicals, said: "As a solution provider, our role is to deliver the HVAC industry with more sustainable refrigerants that enable customers to meet the regulatory requirements in the long-term, and support them in this transition journey. These white papers give detailed and comprehensive information on the new A2L Opteon XL solutions, their properties and how to safely use them while improving energy efficiency."
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