Supplier picks engineless option


04 July 2018
carrier transicold engineless transport refrigeration food fresh
Carrier Transicold UK has delivered 15 Syberia engineless refrigeration units to fresh produce supplier Swithenbank – including five TWINCOOL models for multi-temperature operations.

Swithenbank chose the Carrier Transicold systems for new 18-tonne DAF LF rigid trucks, which will be used across its chilled and frozen produce contracts. The Syberia’s engineless solution was chosen to better prepare the fleet for tightening inner-city delivery requirements relating to emissions and noise regulations.
Graham Rennie, director of fleet, BFS Group, said: “Since their introduction to the fleet, the Syberia units have performed exceptionally well. After the single-temperature units gave us such great results for our chilled produce, we decided to increase the order and specify the multi-temperature variants to handle our frozen contracts.

“The engineless technology was key to our decision-making process, as it means each vehicle meets all current legislation and helps to ensure we’re prepared for the upcoming changes that will affect our urban delivery operations.”

Both the Syberia and Syberia TWINCOOL units are driven by the truck’s ultra-clean Euro VI engine and Carrier Transicold’s Eco-Drive power module, which uses a hydraulic pump connected to the truck’s engine power take-off. The variable displacement pump drives a generator, which delivers electrical power to the unit and provides high refrigeration capacity even at standard idle speed – a frequent occurrence in congested urban centres.

The system also operates below the PIEK-compliant noise level of 60 dB(A), even at 100 per cent capacity, which contributes to significantly quieter operations – ideal for inner-city deliveries.

Carrier Transicold UK has supplied the new units with an everCOLD fixed cost full service maintenance package that includes annual temperature control testing and certification, full regulatory checks, and access to Carrier Transicold’s oneCALL 24/7 incident management service. 
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