Star's natural solution


23 July 2018
Star Refrigeration has helped a leading food manufacturer to reduce its carbon footprint by replacing an industrial refrigeration plant using synthetic refrigerants with a natural refrigerant – carbon dioxide.
Uin Foods produces 25,000,000 private label pizzas for top retailers each year. Star  offered a bespoke solution comprising an industrial CO2 refrigeration packaged system and a spiral freezer. When combined, the Star's Envifreeze and the Helix spiral freezer deliver an eco-friendly in line cooling solution. The  system is said to be unique in the industry, as it utilises CO2 as a natural refrigerant even though the plant has relatively low capacity.
John Whalen, Managing Director for Uin Foods said: "We are happy with the installation of our new freezer and refrigeration plant. By selecting a modern and energy-efficient refrigeration system which utilises CO2 as a refrigerant, we are further committed to reducing the carbon footprint related to our manufacturing operations. Additionally, we have protected our business against the changes in legislation surrounding HFCs, saving us further time and investment in the future.''
Uin Foods' pre-engineered packaged system, which is designed to chill or freeze pizza bases with the flexibility to programme up to six different product sizes, provides 200kW of refrigeration capacity at -40C. Up until now, those seeking refrigeration solutions in an industrial setting but with a capacity of under 300kW faced something of a conundrum as the F-Gas Regulation is moving end-users away from HFCs while, at the same time, the use of industrial ammonia systems is unsuitable in certain applications due to its capital costs and H&S requirements.
David Wallace, Sales Director of Star Refrigeration, said: "We are thrilled to be able to provide a bespoke turnkey solution for a well-respected manufacturer such as Uin Foods. Before we launched our industrial CO2 refrigeration packages, there was no clear pathway for businesses which required a capacity of under 300KW but wanted to move to natural refrigerants. Thanks to our in-house design team and specialist technicians, we could deliver this refrigeration and freezing solution in just a couple of months, providing benefits to the customer for many years to come.''
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