Starring role for SMI liners


18 July 2023
SMI’s thermal roll cage liners featured on Channel Four’s Supermarkets Unwrapped show, with presenter Jimmy Doherty, right, and Co-op technical director Andrew Donkin

Thermal roll cage liners produced by Seymour Manufacturing International (SMI) have played a starring role in a Channel 4 TV show. The liners, used by the Co-op to transport bananas to their stores in prime condition, featured in a recent episode of Supermarkets Unwrapped.

Presenter Jimmy Doherty visited one of Co-op’s largest UK distribution centres, where he met the company’s technical director Andrew Donkin. “Bananas hate the cold,” Andrew explained. “If they get too cold it stops them ripening properly. And if they get too hot they will virtually explode, and ripen too quickly.”

He revealed how the temperature of the bananas was maintained at optimum levels for transport by using the ‘lovely’ temperature control shrouds, made by SMI. Viewers saw how the bananas are loaded into the cages before the shrouds – containing SMI’s award-winning Tempro material – are sealed and zipped shut.

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Telford-based Seymour Manufacturing International (SMI), which has its headquarters on the Stafford Park industrial estate, has had a continued relationship with the Co-op for more than 35 years. The latest deal saw the supply of over 1,000 Tempro thermal roll cage liners which not only keep fresh bananas in the best possible condition for customers, but also reduce food waste. A new design was used with improved thermal properties, compared with previous roll cage liners sold in the past.