Star wins net zero award


13 October 2021

Star Refrigeration has been recognised at the Glasgow Business Awards for its work on the development of ground-breaking environmentally friendly industrial refrigeration and heating technology over the course of 50 years.

Star won the Net Zero Achievement Award at the event, organised by the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce.

Dave Pearson, group sustainable development director, said: “This award goes all the way back to 1970 with various aspects of progress in fish factories, ice rinks, government, airline and bank data centres, car paint plants, the UK's first micro-processor controller with a modem for remote monitoring, often using half the energy for cooling of others. Colleagues have even lowered the cost of making a humble ice cube and removed high global warming potential working fluid R22 from coffee freeze drying. Achieving the impossible time and time again.

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"Of course, the mission continues and has expanded to tackling emissions from heating for chocolate making, yoghurts, heating museums, heating a city from a fjord and, most recently, the already award winning district energy scheme at West Dunbartonshire delivered by Vital Energi.

"If I take one thing forward from this, it is that aiming for net zero is good for our clients’ businesses, not bad, and we look forward to helping anyone who seeks a more sustainable outcome in their business process.’’

Star Refrigeration