S&P UK delivers first CADB flat-packed solution


28 June 2022
The CADB unit was delivered in flat-pack form and was built on site by S&P UK engineers

Ventilation specialist S&P UK has launched its range of heat recovery units with the first ever flat-packed CADB unit being supplied to Haven Ports Yacht Club for a newly refurbished restaurant.

S&P UK was approached by Cool Tech – specialists in comfort cooling, heating and lighting – to specify a heat recovery product which could provide a maximum airflow of 3300 m3 per hour for the unique restaurant, whilst being able to fit through a small access area to the desired location in the hull of the ship. The yacht club is based on the retired Light Vessel (LV87) based in the marina of Suffolk Yacht Harbour on the River Orwell.

In addition to meeting the tight access requirements on the ship, S&P UK was asked to provide a heat recovery unit which could provide heat for the Lightship restaurant in the winter months as well as providing optimal indoor air quality through the addition of a CO₂ sensor. 

On reviewing the specifications for the project, the ventilation specialists supplied the flat-packed CADB unit, which provides a filtration rate of ePM1 70% (F7) and a heat recovery efficiency of up to 93%. 

Lee Page, sales director at S&P UK, said: “This was a very unique and exciting project, and we were delighted that Cool Tech approached us for our expertise and experience in flat-packed heat recovery units, with the CADB being the second product we can supply as flat-packed, in addition to our RHE series. 

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“The CADB range can be easily adapted to meet different requirements depending on the application and so it was the perfect product to meet the demands of this project. As well as being able to include a heating element and CO₂ sensor to the unit, we also sprayed the unit black to be in keeping with the theme for the room where the unit is situated – a first for S&P UK.”

The CADB unit features a counter flow plate exchanger which provides fresh air into the room whilst extracting the stale air. With the addition of an S&P AirSens CO₂ sensor, the heat recovery unit will ensure the room is adequately ventilated dependent on the number of occupants.

The unit was supplied to Haven Ports Yacht Club within six weeks of the order being placed and was delivered in approximately 50 separate components which were assembled and installed by S&P UK engineers in the hull of the boat.