Smart talk from BSRIA


08 August 2018
BSRIA’s Senior Market Intelligence Analyst Henry Lawson will be a guest speaker at BIT’s 5th Annual Global Congress of Knowledge Economy-2018 in China next month.

The congress will be held from 7-9 in Qingdao and the theme is Seeking a Sustainable Future in a Smart World.
Henry’s session will examine smart homes and the wider world of smart buildings and is directed at those wanting to understand how the market for smart buildings is developing and the main factors behind this.
BSRIA has researched the global market for different types of smart building from the smart home market to Building Energy Management (BEMS), Smart HVAC and Building Automation Controls (BACS). A key finding of this research is that the smart homes market is generating most of the growth for smart buildings and that it is also having an influence on the commercial buildings market.
Smart homes focus on comfort and wellbeing, which are increasingly seen as important in commercial buildings, which could have major implications on the way such buildings are specified. The fact the boundaries between work and life outside of work are becoming more blurred will also have an impact on most buildings.
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