Smart HVAC's key role


12 September 2018
BSRIA's senior market research analyst Henry Lawson will speak at the Future Resource exhibition in Birmingham next month about why smart connected HVAC is key to smarter buildings.

He said: "“The long hot summer of 2018 is yet more evidence that the climate is changing. This means that HVAC in general, and air conditioning in particular, is likely to become even more ‘mission critical’ even in countries like the UK. Sectors like the hotel industry and health care cannot afford to have buildings or rooms that are unusable for periods because of HVAC problems and other businesses can suffer losses in productivity. Faulty HVAC can also lead to massive wastage of energy which means higher bills.
air conditioning hvac smart connected
Henry Lawson of BSRIA
"Smart connected HVAC, which allows service teams and facilities management to monitor HVAC equipment, and sometimes even to control it, enables rapid diagnosis and prompt rectification of any problems, enabling the engineer intervene quickly with the appropriate parts. Depending on the sophistication of the solution, it can even analyse the data to predict when a problem is likely to occur, enabling the support team to prevent a problem occurring in the first place. It thus offers major advantages to HVAC vendors, support teams and clients alike.
"My talk will give BSRIA’s view of the market, its size, what is driving it and what is holding it back from growing even faster.”

Future Resource, which takes place on 12-13 October at the NEC in Birmingham, is a leading water and energy management event for resource management professionals. It will cover: biofuel, water, energy efficiency, wind and solar.
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