Smaller footprint option on SABROE SMC Mk 5


07 June 2018
Johnson Controls' SABROE SMC Mk 5 reciprocating compressor includes the option of a unit without oil separator, resulting in a smaller footprint and lower cost.
The company says the range offers:

  • Extended service life over the entire operating range (+25%)
  • Load-based service option, providing further extension of service life
  • Configuration without oil separator, meaning a smaller footprint at a lower cost
  • 20% capacity boost achieved by changing the shaft speed from 1500 rpm to 1800 rpm
  • Optimised for variable speed with single-beam design, offering skip-free regulation over the entire speed range
  • No demand for top cover cooling under the most common conditions.
All SMC Mk 5 compressors can be fitted with variable-speed drive (VSD) as standard, designed to deliver ensures high performance with maximum energy efficiency, even under part load conditions and changing operating requirements. Johnson Controls says the skip-free speed regulation offers a huge capacity area from 100-28%, without any efficiency loss, and ensures that performance and operating costs are optimised at all times.
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