'Significant concerns' over EU F-Gas proposals


24 April 2023
Mark Hughes

FETA chair Mark Hughes says the EU approach to F-Gas regulations revision are a cause for significant concern in the UK.

Speaking at the annual FETA lunch, Hughes, who is also president of the British Refrigeration Association (BRA), added that he was encouraged by the UK government's response.

He said: "The EU is deep in the process of detailed negotiations around the revision of the F-Gas regulations which relates to refrigerant used in heat pumps, air conditioning and refrigerated products.

"The process is not yet over, but it is fair to say that currently we have significant concerns that the EU may be focusing on legislation which, while reducing the global warming potential (GWP) for refrigerants, does so at the expense of the much bigger prize of energy efficiency.

"It is in this area where our industry, given the flexibility around choice of technology, can make the biggest impact by reducing dependence on fossil fuels – the role of our heat pumps being a shining example.

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"There is no question that industry buys into where we need to be on Net Zero but there is a need to be pragmatic and ensure we do actually achieve the targets. I am therefore pleased to report that the UK Government is taking an approach where it seemingly wants to fully understand the impacts of potential proposals before acting.''

More than 600 people attended the event at The Brewery in London, and Hughes called on young professionals to become involved with FETA. He said: "In particular, we are keen to encourage people early in their careers to get involved where they can, not only to be at the forefront of influencing the development of the industry but also their own careers, bringing a direct benefit to their companies.''

He also paid tribute to FETA delegates Alan Green and Tony Breen for their long-standing commitment to FETA, and welcomed Catherine Walker and Charlotte Lee, who have recently been appointed as BCIA executive officer and HPA chief executive, respectively.