Scottish Hospital Isolation Rooms Get Specialist Packaged Plant


10 November 2016
​Weatherite, the bespoke air conditioning systems maker, recently designed and manufactured two specialist air handling units to provide ‘controlled’ conditions in isolation rooms at a hospital in Glasgow.
​The units at Raigmore Hospital provide 100 percent run and standby capability and can be swapped over in operation during maintenance and service work to ensure continuity of room conditions at all times.

Richard Irvin Energy Solutions asked Weatherite to provide the solution for the contract and worked closely with Pick Everard, Glasgow-based consultants. The company had to provide a solution which met the hospital’s high standard for its infrastructure and design needs.

Filters and Gas Absorbers

​The design incorporated some elements essential in ensuring isolation of contaminated air, including negative air pressure, bespoke high-efficiency filtration systems and high-grade H10 HEPA filters.

The air handling unit system included a “bag in, bag out” arrangement for removing contaminated particulate filters and gas absorbers in hazardous environments. The system protects FM maintenance personnel from coming in direct contact with the interior of the housing and harmful contaminants during filter change-over.

Stringent standards

​Other features include low-temperature hot water heating coils, integral DX cooling, with a scroll compressor, and condenser heat rejection in the exhaust path, smoke rated exhaust fans and a separate extract section.

The installation team housed each air handling unit within a purpose-designed plant room, built to meet stringent BS6399 part 2&3 and BS5950 part 1 building regulations. The two plant rooms had to undergo rigorous factory tests before despatch, and these tests were carried out by structural engineering experts, Fairhurst, Inverness.

The tests simulated wind pressures and snow loads on the sides and roofs of the plant rooms. The plant room is categorised as a building, and the tests are a mandatory requirement for Scottish Building Regulations.

Weatherite Air Conditioning’s key account executive, Paul Ludlow, said:

​“We were delighted to hear that we passed all tests with flying colours, which demonstrates our first class design and manufacturing capabilities.

“This was an unusual project. What makes it fascinating is we would have typically mounted the units within a building plant room. However, because there was nowhere in the building to install the new units we designed the plant room enclosure to house the units so it could be lifted onto the roof and provide a weatherproof plant room for ease of maintenance.

“We worked alongside Richard Irvin Energy Solutions and Pick Everard to deliver this very distinct and unique air conditioning system, which we delivered on time and met the hospital’s requirements.”
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