Sauermann and Gel-clear in global partnership


29 October 2018
refrigeration condensate removal pump chillventa
​Paurick Gaughan of Gel-clear, left, with Serge Bohyn of Sauermann Group at Chillventa
Condensate pump specialist Sauermann has joined forces with UK-based Gel-clear to provide increased biofilm protection for its Si-93 pump.
Biofilm is a well-known problem in supermarket refrigerated display cabinets and can cause costly leaking.
The combination of Sauermann's Si-93 membrane pump and Gel-clear's anti-biofilm tablet is said to provide a solution for store owners and customers that can reduce leaking liabilities by almost 100%.
The partnership between Sauermann and Gel-clear for this product was cemented during Chillventa in Germany.
In a joint statement, Serge Bohyn, CEO of Sauermann Group, and Paurick Gaughan, managing director of Gel-clear, said: "Sauermann Group and Gel-clear are both very excited to offer patented technologies and a solid solution to our supermarket, agri-foods, commercial and refrigeration sector customers."

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