Samsung launches full R32 range


21 March 2019
Samsung has announced a 'progressive switch' to R32 refrigerant across its entire residential and light commercial air conditioning split system ranges.

The announcement follows last year's launch of R32 residential wall-mounted systems. The process has now been completed by covering the entire split system range, including its award-winning Wind-free products.
Perry Jackson, head of air conditioning at Samsung, said; “Most importantly for our customers, at launch, Samsung will not immediately cease availability of equivalent R410A product. However, we will progressively focus our UK stocking profile on the new R32 models, which are more efficient than the previous models. Rather than a gradual conversion of model styles to the new refrigerant, Samsung has developed R32 versions of its entire split system indoor range at launch, including the round 360 Cassette, Wind-free cassettes, ducted, wall, ceiling and floor mounted systems.”

In addition to the launch of the R32 range, Samsung will also be releasing a Wind-free version of its slim 1way cassette split system. Andrew Faulkner, commercial manager at Samsung Climate, said: “Customers are embracing the numerous benefits of Wind-free technology, both reducing running costs and improving comfort levels. So, following the success of the VRF Wind-free 1way cassette, we welcome the addition of this model to our split system line-up.”

Samsung says that, due to the popularity of the Wind-free technology, it has decided not to develop an R32 version of the standard 4way cassette split systems.

The new R32 refrigerant models achieve a significantly higher efficiency than those using R410A, with SEERs of up to 7.6 and SCOPs of up to 4.6.
The R32 range also operates to -20ºC in heating, compared to the current -15ºC and pre-charge piping lengths have also been increased, for reductions in both installation time and costs.
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