Samsung confirms R32 Wind-Free range


27 January 2020

Samsung has officially launched a new wall-mounted air conditioner platform with R32 refrigerant, featuring its Wind-Free technology and new smart control functionalities, as previously announced and showcased at Interclima 2019 in Paris.

Xavier Feys, Vice President Pre-Sales, Business Development, Customer Service and Product Management at Samsung Electronics Air Conditioner Europe (SEACE), said: “The new range underlines Samsung’s proven track record of consistently launching industry-leading cooling and heating products with distinctive designs and intelligent features that make daily life easier. With its enhanced Wind-Free technology and new powerful Digital Inverter Boost, the new 2020 air conditioner range offers consumers a pleasant indoor climate experience while enhancing energy efficiency.”

Wind-Free technology

Samsung introduced the market’s first wall-mounted air conditioner with Wind-Free technology in Europe in 2017. Air conditioners with the technology follow a three-step cooling mode. In the first step, the temperature is lowered quickly in fast cooling mode. Second, it uses a dehumidifying feature to set the optimal level of humidity. Finally, when the desired temperature is reached, Wind-Free cooling mode is activated to maintain those levels. In Wind-Free mode, fresh air is dispersed gently and evenly through thousands of micro-holes, creating a “Still Air” environment free of  cold drafts.

Smart operation

The new wall-mounted range is deigned to optimise the cooling process with its Artificial Intelligence Auto Comfort feature, allowing consumers to use their air conditioner more efficiently. AI Auto Comfort analyses room conditions, user-preferred temperatures and cooling modes, and even the outdoor climate to automatically switch to the most appropriate setting.  

The units can be controlled and monitored remotely by using the Samsung SmartThings App2, letting users turn their air conditioner on or off, select preferred cooling modes, schedule operations, and even monitor power consumption. The Samsung Bixby voice control means the unit can be told what the user wants via a smartphone.

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Enhanced energy efficiency

The new generation Wind-Free wall-mounted air conditioners uses Samsung’s new energy-efficient Digital Inverter Boost compressor, allowing consumers to maintain their desired temperature while reducing energy consumption. The compressor has been developed to help maintain indoor temperature in an efficient way, without having to turn the unit on and off repeatedly. 

It has a built-in motion detect sensor that tracks user movements to cool efficiently while avoiding wasting energy. The sensor can detect when there are no users in the room, automatically changing the air conditioner settings to slightly increase the temperature or turn on the standby mode. The top of the range Wind-Free Elite unit comes with an A+++ energy label for both SEER and SCOP.

Product lineup

The new wall-mounted air conditioner platform is available with R32 refrigerant from the first quarter of this year as single split (RAC) and as multi split (FJM). The availability of the different ranges may differ per local market