Renewed safety warnings after death of ventilation worker


28 September 2023

The Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) has issued a reminder about the need for contractors to review safety guidance for working at heights following the death of a ventilation engineer in Liverpool.

Michael Jones, aged 26, was working on the construction of a new stadium for Everton Football Club at Bramley-Moore Dock when he became trapped between a scissor ladder and an overhead beam leading to fatal head injuries.

Senior coroner Andre Rebello told Liverpool Coroners' Court that the police and the Health and Safety Executive's investigation of the accident was “very complex”, and that the inquest would “take some time”.

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BESA said the accident reinforced the need for contractors to continually review health & safety procedures and look specifically at their provisions for working safely at heights. It referred members to its risk assessment and Toolbox Talk on the use of elevated work platforms available in the BESA Members’ Resource Area. BESA has added the Construction Industry Plant Safety Group document ‘Good Practice guidance for reducing trapping/crushing injuries to people in MEWPs’ to its suite of online resources.

Members also have access to a team of highly trained health & safety professionals via a free helpline on 01768 860452. As well as receiving a rapid response to day-to-day queries, members can also consult BESA’s series of health & safety bulletins and technical guidance via the dedicated website pages.