Sustainability on show with Beijer Ref


28 March 2023

Beijer Ref hosted its first Sustainability Show in Leeds and introduced a new specialist team to guide customers on the road to net zero.

Sustainable Solutions, part of the Beijer Ref UK & Ireland group, is a team of experts providing comprehensive
solutions for users of refrigeration, heating and air conditioning systems. These solutions are designed to lower the carbon footprint operation whilst ensuring legislative compliance.

The team offers a variety of low GWP, energy efficient cooling and heating equipment and services, including:

  • Heat recovery devices
  • Natural refrigerant equipment
  • Heating & hot water systems
  • Low GWP solutions
  • Training
  • Technical support

The morning session in Leeds featured a series of product demonstrations, including the launch of the SEC heat recovery product from SCM which captures heat from refrigeration and air conditioning systems and converts it into hot water.

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Also on show was quickfridge, a portable unit able to provide instant cooling in the event of a chiller, freezer or cellar cooler breakdown, and the COR variable water valve kit that that utilises the benefits of traditional chilled and hot water systems and converts it into a high efficiency air to water system that operates like a typical VRF system.

MHI showcased its latest control systems and how to set them up for maximum efficiency, with the manufacturer's
CO2 based heat pump, Q-ton, on display. Sauermann exhibited its service replacement dairy pump and provided tool box tips on pump installation on maintenance, while engineers were challenged to braze quicker than the >B< MaxiPro press fit system from Conex Banninger.

There were training updates from the Beijer Ref Academy, plus further guidance advice from the specialist FridgeHUB team, who demonstrated the latest in sustainable products for the refrigeration industry,

The afternoon session consisted of formal presentations covering key topics and products.

Beijer Ref's Sustainable Solutions team can be contacted at [email protected]