Reducing carbon footprint and improving staff wellbeing remains a priority for Coolair


02 March 2021

Air conditioning specialists Coolair Equipment Limited have made commitments to focus on sustainability and employee wellbeing, with staff mental health marked a top priority.


Investment has been made in a new training portal to train all staff in mental health and wellbeing elements. Some employees are going on to become mental health first aiders assisting colleagues with any concerns.


Neil Gibbard, managing director of Coolair Equipment Limited, said: “Coolair has long been renowned in the HVAC sector for looking after its staff. However, with the impact of the global pandemic still being felt, we believe protecting our employees’ mental health has to be a top priority for 2021.”


Coolair has also pledged its continued support to the environment. Last year, Coolair planted more than 270 trees across the UK. In 2021, the firm will continue to offset any emissions by investing in projects that help create a greener world.

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Helen Sharratt, Coolair’s finance director, said: “We have undertaken an audit to see where we generate greenhouse gases as a business. The main culprits are our fleet of vans and all the business travel we undertake in our own cars and commuting to and from the office.  


“Our next step is to make plans on how we can cut these types of emissions across the whole of the business. And in the meantime, we will continue our commitment to offset any emissions by planting trees across the UK.  We are working with a fantastic team who not only plant trees in the UK but actively reduce deforestation in the Amazon rainforest.”