Recognition for Fri-Jado counters


25 November 2019
From left: Mike Littlewood, Managing Director, Fri-Jado UK, Gary Thacker, Director of National Accounts, Fri-Jado UK and Matthew Merrit-Harrison, Chairman, FCSI (UK & Ireland).
Fri-Jado’s range of Custom Counters was highly commended in the FCSI (UK & Ireland) Sustainable Catering Equipment Awards 2019.

The counters feature the company’s OmniCold refrigeration system, which works by blanketing the food from all sides. A low velocity air flow of approximately 120 m3/h/m circulates above and below the food and this feature combines the benefits of forced and static air flow cooling systems. The air flow system, together with LED lighting, DC fans, triple pane insulated side glass and a fully insulated shell, is said to significantly reduce energy consumption to 4.54 kWh/day/m2 at 3M0, around 43% below the ECA Energy Efficiency Index threshold.
The technology, with low velocity air circulation, is also said  to deliver accurate holding temperatures, reducing the rate of growth of pathogens and spoilage organisms, whilst slowing down physiological, biochemical and physical processes within food.
Refrigerant options offered for use with the counters include R744/CO2, R455A and glycol for remote systems and R1234yf for integral systems.
Director of National Accounts, Gary Thacker, said: “We have adopted and will continue to practise a holistic approach to sustainability, encompassing green production techniques and an ongoing commitment to the development of equipment, which sets the standard in our business sector. We are confident that we are helping food retailers and foodservice operators reduce their impact on the environment.”

  • Mechline'a  HyGenikx HGX air and surface hygiene amplification system and Hobart's Two Level Washer were joint winners of the award, while European WaterCare was also highly commended for its IX water filter system.
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