Raising a glass to beer warehouse cooling


30 May 2019
brewdog beer warehouse scotland refrigeration co2 system star motherwell
The Eurocentral beer warehouse in Motherwell
Star Refrigeration has delivered a future-proof CO2 solution for Europe's first fully refrigerated beer warehouse.

Fast-growing Scottish company BrewDog commissioned Star to design and install a  new plant capable of chilling its  craft beers to 50 degrees C ahead of distribution. The 80,000m3  warehouse and chilled distribution centre in Motherwell offers easy access to Scotland’s road network and is also just five miles away from Star’s Bellshill branch, which further strengthened the working relationship.
BrewDog was keen to install an eco-cooling solution using natural refrigerants. Utilising CO2 not only improves environmental credentials and reduces the plant’s carbon footprint, it also avoids future regulations against harmful F-gases which could result in further costs in retrofits or replacements.

Star previously worked with BewDog in 2017 and technical sales engineer Euan Duncan said: “We’re delighted to be working with BrewDog once again. Through the successful delivery of Europe’s first fully refrigerated beer warehouse, we’ve demonstrated how Star is committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the refrigeration industry and helping our customers take their business to the next level.”

Star Refrigeration applied a cost-saving focus to the project to make the large distribution centre affordable for the client. To help fulfil BrewDog’s ambition to be one of the world’s fastest growing beverage companies, CO2 was deemed the most cost effective option for the new plant. The smaller pipework for the application saved on steelwork and installation costs and the end product delivered financial savings of 30% in comparison to a traditional ammonia glycol system. 

Niall Murphie, engineering manager at BrewDog, said: “Star Refrigeration delivered an energy efficient, financially viable and environmentally responsible solution. This allows us to remain uniquely placed to serve the needs of beer lovers all over the country and beyond, helping to spread our passion for craft beer to every corner of the globe.”
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