Panasonic extends VRF line-up


06 May 2021

Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions is expanding its range with the introduction of its new R32 Mini VRF ECOi LZ Series.

The line-up includes five new compact outdoor units (4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 HP) and a choice of ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted units, as well as adaptive duct type units for vertical or horizontal installations, providing capacities from 1.5 kW to 16 kW. The R32 Mini VRF ECOi LZ offers five outdoor condensing units together with the most flexible range of connectable R32 VRF indoor units, including various units incorporating nanoe X technology.
The range is said to offer outstanding efficiency for maximum savings and comfort. It uses  R32 refrigerant that efficiently carries energy, whilst reducing environmental impact with an improved SEER/SCOP. The extended operating range allows for heating down to -20°C and cooling up to 52°C[1]. The all-new 8 HP (22.4 kW) and 10 HP (28 kW) units are impressively quiet, and the entire range has an increased capacity ratio of 150 per cent [2].  
To allow the installation of R32 units in small rooms, Panasonic is applying R32 leak detectors and incorporated circulation air flow. The new adaptive ducted units come with built-in leak detectors, while other units may be equipped with an optional external leak detector when required.
The new R32 Mini VRF Indoor units can take advantage of both standard wired control or connecting to Panasonic’s CONEX via Bluetooth, utilising the H&C Control App. CONEX is Panasonic’s advanced system that brings benefits for compatible units through a smartphone or tablet. The new systems (indoor and outdoor) are also fully compatible with all existing PACi and ECOi control devices. 
The R32 Mini VRF range still incorporates the indoor off-coil temperature sensor and features Panasonic’s inverter compressors. 

[1] Compared to Panasonic’s original Mini VRF of 46ºC
[2] Compared to Panasonic’s original Mini VRF of 130 per cent


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