Mitsubishi Electric launches new chillers from Italian factory


13 October 2022
Both systems use low-GWP R32 refrigerant

Mitsubishi Electric has announced the launch of its latest R32 chiller range, developed by the company’s Italian factory.

The new line-up offers an R32 air-cooled chiller and an R32 air source reversible heat pump chiller. Both are manufactured to the company’s exacting Mitsubishi Electric Quality standard, produced in Italy for the first time. The range features variable speed scroll compressors, and is available in seven sizes. Each system is also available in three modules to offer a cooling capacity range from 50 to 220KW. 

MEHP-iS-G07, the new reversible heat pump, offers high efficiency at partial loads, and its low noise levels and compact design are designed for comfort applications, including hospitality venues such as hotels. As well as producing hot water for comfort heating applications up to 65°C, it offers domestic hot water production even at very low outdoor temperatures down to -20°C.

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The MECH-iS-G07 chiller is designed for process and IT cooling. With the ability to produce cold water across a wider range of temperatures, -12°C down to -20°C of outdoor air temperature, it is said to provide an efficient solution for any process application. When used alongside indoor CRAH (Computer Room Air Handler) VSD scroll compressors units, the MECH-iS-G07 offers the first fully hydronic IT cooling package for small and medium enterprise data centres.

Exclusive to these new chillers are the Mitsubishi Electric VSD (Variable Speed Drive) scroll compressors, which are optimised for R32 refrigerant and offer high seasonal efficiency, continuous capacity modulation, stable leave water temperature, and perfect and accurate load delivery in all working conditions. Four innovative models of compressor are available on three different performing chassis to offer flexibility of design and operation. 

Simon Prichard, product strategy manager for central plant, said: “At Mitsubishi, we know the absolute quality of every component and part within our products. Everything has been looked at from the design of the axial fans to the materials used in the coils and coatings, so that we can deliver the products and lifetime performance that our customers expect.”

These plug and play solutions claim in-built reliability and ease of maintenance. They also offer advanced controls, including a new smart defrost algorithm, a new touchscreen control panel, and the KIPLink, which allows Mitsubishi Electric products to be controlled remotely from smartphones, tablets, or notebooks.
More information on the MECH-iS-G07 and MEHP-iS0G07 can be found here