R32 chiller upgrades hospital cooling


07 July 2021

An ultra-low noise CIAT chiller operating on R32 refrigerant has been installed at Craigavon Area Hospital in Northern Ireland. 

The use of R32 in the AQUACIATPOWER LD 2000R reduces the chiller's environmental impact due to refrigerant by two-thirds. The ultra-low noise unit was equipped with the additional acoustic insulation option around the compressors to minimise disturbance for the hospital’s Trauma and Orthopaedic Department.

It replaced a previous CIAT unit at end of life. With a similar cooling capacity of 550 kW, the new chiller is significantly more compact, lightweight and energy-efficient than the previous model due to recent design improvements. Flow and return pipework connections were easily modified to fit the new system.

The chiller was supplied by Aircon Sales and Service, and installed by Dungannon-based contractor B J Mcgrath Plumbing & Heating, for Southern Health and Social Care Trust, Northern Ireland. 

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The chiller being lifted onto the rooftop

The unit was lifted into position on a rooftop platform on the building in an enclosed courtyard. This required the services of a long-reach 300-tonne crane, the largest of its kind available in Northern Ireland.

AQUACIATPOWER packaged chillers are based on quiet-running scroll compressors, fully optimised for use with R32. With a compact footprint, CIAT says they are ideal for use on sites with limited floor or rooftop space. They feature two refrigerant circuits, powered by eight compressors, offering a high degree of resilience in the unlikely event of a breakdown.