Pure air solution from Klima-Therm


15 September 2020
Sketch is the first UK location for Klima-Therm's air ionizing solution Sketch is the first UK location for Klima-Therm's air ionizing solution

Air conditioning equipment supplier Klima-Therm has introduced what it says is easy-to-install, inexpensive technology that can be retrofitted to HVAC systems to help combat coronavirus and other pathogens.

The air purification solution - which involves ionizing the air - is designed to suit a wide variety of applications across the built environment including the hospitality, healthcare, education, entertainment, offices and leisure sectors.

The technology has been tested by several independent laboratories to validate its effectiveness at protecting against pathogens and reducing potentially harmful airborne particulates.

As well as eliminating bacteria and guarding against viruses, the technology can also protect people from other potentially risky particulates such as volatile organic compounds, pollen, spores, odorous gases and aerosols.

The system has been installed in a variety of high-profile applications, including Sketch, a three-star Michelin rated restaurant in London. The technology has also been fitted in a five-star hotel in London; the 215-room Ritz-Carlton Paradise Valley hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona; the newly renovated historic 350-room Hotel Paso del Norte in El Paso, Texas and the new TWA Hotel at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

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Klima-Therm has more than 40 years' experience in the HVAC sector with a reputation for supplying high quality, ultra-high efficiency building services equipment such as chillers, heat pumps, air handing units, fan coil units and chilled beams.

The company says it can can provide an air purification solution that is tailor-made for each client, taking into account its specific requirements and circumstances. It can also offer advice on the complete HVAC system and how to maximise its efficiency and cost-effectiveness.