Protais heads Aggreko's One Europe drive


27 September 2022
Nicolas Protais of Aggreko

Temporary temperature control and power company Aggreko has announced its new One Europe strategy with a view to better supporting companies decarbonise through the energy transition, as well as addressing more immediate concerns to reduce fuel usage and costs. 

At the helm of the restructure is newly appointed Nicolas Protais, managing director Europe, previously managing director of continental Europe of nine years. 

Over the coming months, Aggreko will be continuing to help grow demand for low-carbon power and energy solutions which are already helping companies to lower fuel usage, environmental impact and reduce energy costs. New technologies such as Aggreko’s Stage V generators, hybrids and load on demand solutions have already proved successful in the UK and will continue to be invested in across Europe. 

According to Aggreko, this new structure is already enabling them to help customers future-proof against forthcoming challenges via cross-geographical leaning. 

It is also seeing an increase in the uptake of decentralised energy solutions, where customers can generate their own, cleaner energy, with bespoke packages that can also provide more reliable power, as well as sending surplus energy back to the grid. As such, Energy as a Service (EaaS) contracts also appear to be becoming a more popular way of achieving this as it removes the barriers of high upfront capital investment.

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Nicolas Protais said: “I am excited to be leading this transformation in my new role, to build a low-carbon business over the coming decade. We have already come such a long way in the past few years, and our continued investment into innovations like Stage V generators, hybrids and commitment to a 100% switch to HVO are central to this.

“In order to create a ‘One Europe’ structure, I will leverage my international experience to ensure the merger of these successful two business units combine to be more than the sum of their parts. For me, partnership, communication, and collaboration are key to success, and these are qualities that are built into Aggreko. Our strength is in our people, and across Europe we have a deep pool of experience, relationships, and innovative solutions which I plan to leverage to the benefit our customers. With a shared vision and values, we are now better placed to share our technical capabilities without geographical barriers.”