Promotions role for Adelle Munro


16 March 2020
Adelle Munro, Beijer Ref UK Adelle Munro, Beijer Ref UK

Adelle Munro has joined the Beijer Ref UK marketing team as Promotions Manager, responsible for creating and managing promotions.

She previously worked as a Sales Engineer for Dean & Wood in Newcastle and has wide experience having worked in branch and on the road visiting customers.

She said: "After working for Dean & Wood for eight years I have developed a wealth of product knowledge, have great relationships with suppliers and customers alike and now have an insider perspective of how a refrigeration and air conditioning company runs.

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"With that knowledge, I started putting ideas forward on how we could promote the business and products through social media and promotions. I also started looking after social media posts for Dean & Wood.

"As time went on and more ideas were being put into action it was decided that this side of the business needed more love, care and attention, leading me to my new role! I am now looking forward to working with all three brands and generating some great promotions for the company.''