Preserving military heritage


14 January 2019
Condair has supplied and installed three resistive steam humidifiers to maintain the humidity around the exhibits and archives at the National Army Museum in Chelsea, London.
Optimum environmental conditions are required to ensure the perfect preservation of military artefacts that are made of a wide range of materials, some of which date back to the English Civil War.
Mike O’Connor, deputy director at the National Army Museum, said: “Precise climate control in our galleries and stored collections, across both temperature and humidity, plays an important role in preserving the nation’s military heritage. Our collections include an array of exhibits, from the cloak Wellington wore at Waterloo and Lawrence of Arabia’s dagger to modern day grenade launchers and drones. Metals, textiles, wooden objects and paintings can all be affected by high or low humidity, so a stable environment ensures longevity and avoids costly restoration work.”
The three Condair RS steam humidifiers were installed in weatherproof enclosures on the roof of the museum as part of a recent £24m refurbishment project. As well as resisting the weather, the enclosures incorporate a heater and fan unit to ensure the internal conditions remain within the humidifier’s recommended operating range.  
The system can operate on mains water, as at the museum, and provide ±3%RH control, or on RO water and offer a close ±1%RH control. A humidifier that gives rapid response and close humidity control is important for museums that can be empty one minute and full of tourists in from the rain the next.
A scale management system on the Condair RS allows in-house maintenance teams to undertake routine scale removal safely and quickly without needing to open the humidifier’s main cabinet.
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