Podfather keeping Igloo deliveries on track


13 December 2023

Igloo Thermo-Logistics says electronic proof of delivery and logistics planning software from Podfather is helping to maintain customer service levels, improve its environmental objectives and support sustainable growth.

From three regional depots, Igloo makes more than 300,000 temperature-controlled deliveries a year, ranging from single parcels to full pallets, travelling in excess of 6 million miles across the UK. Specialising in multi-temperature, next-day consignments, Igloo uses Podfather to improve visibility and inform decision making with continuously updated ETA notifications, real-time capture of delivery information and intelligent management reporting.   

Igloo started its journey almost 20 years ago when the fledgling company received extensive media attention following an appearance on the BBC programme, Dragon’s Den. Igloo currently operates from regional centres in Leeds and Taunton and recently marked two years at its 28,000 sq ft depot and headquarters in Luton. 

With a staff of over 200 and a mixed fleet of 120 plus vehicles, Igloo offers a multi-temperature refrigerated delivery service with national coverage. It says it has seen business double in the last five years and, with support from technology such as Podfather, expects this growth to continue. 

“At Igloo we embrace technology and the opportunities it gives us as a business to grow whilst minimising our environmental impact and continuously improving the service we provide,” said Leigh Ogley, Operations Director at Igloo Thermo-Logistics. 

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Once Igloo receives an order and the booking is confirmed, an email containing consignment labels and tracking link is sent to the customer. Using Podfather, delivery schedules are planned and loads intelligently allocated taking into account time windows, customer constraints and vehicle capacities and, once a run is underway, the customer is kept informed with regularly updated ETAs and through the live tracking app. 

Drivers accessing the Podfather App using mobile phones ensure the delivery workforce and back office are always connected and allows for the capture of real-time delivery information including date and time stamped photographs and signatures. This automated proof of delivery (POD) process means there are no paper tickets involved and ePODs can be shared in real-time with customers and suppliers or accessed via a secure client login. It also reduces delivery to invoicing time and provides early notification of issues for intervention. 

Podfather also gives Igloo a suite of performance dashboards and standard and bespoke reports which give the management team the data and tools needed to analyse performance and report on results. This information means Igloo can record and report on KPIs and use actual data, such as mileage, costs, margins etc to support business planning. 

“Podfather not only allows us to operate more intelligently, it records and captures the intelligence we need to support sustainable growth across the business,” said Ogley. “Using Podfather we have total visibility of the delivery operation and we can make informed decisions based on real-time information.”