Podcast: how to size and select a dehumidifier


30 August 2023

Condair has released a new podcast on how to size and select a commercial dehumidifier, in association with BusinessNet Explorer.

In this short interview, Dave Marshall-George, Condair Sales Director, explains the important elements any consultant or installer needs to consider when approaching a dehumidifier project.

He said: “This short podcast is ideal for anyone about to set out on a dehumidifier job. Poor planning in dehumidification can not only lead to a desired humidity not being met but it can also compromise the temperature control of an area or result in excessive energy use. In this podcast, I explain how to select which type of dehumidifier to use, based on elements such as the temperature of the area in question, the level of control needed, available sources of energy and the physical characteristics of the building.”

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Alongside technology selection, the podcast also covers dehumidifier sizing and installation considerations. It is available all major podcast channels, including Soundcloud, Spotify and Google Podcast by searching for “Condair” and also on the Condair website at: